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Good evening Taurus kids! List the signs you have dated or are dating:

Aquarius: He is very intelligent and a wonderful conversationalist, at the same time sensitive and a very vulnerable being. suffers of manic depression. His fickleness lead to our breakup. (born on the 8th)

Gemini: Life of the party. Moved around the country alot. Had a chronic addiction to marijuana. Very clever and extremely outgoing! His instability lead to our breakup. It was a quick yet fun relationship. (born on the 30th)

Leo: Caring and attentive, but very possesive and selfish. sexual stamina was out of control. His selfishness lead to a nasty breakup. (born on the 20th)

Currently Scorpio/Sag: Sensitive, artistic, very intuitive, spiritual, a great friend. His love is very passionate. We are both born on the 22nd. Our love signs are Taurus & Scorpio. Our love and intimacy is always on fire! We share a zeal for knowledge, and it is said that our knowledge and growth will be strong for years to come.
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