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Stolen from elastic_mary

Signs I've dated (in chronological order):

Aries: A great guy - gorgeous, sweet, talented, intelligent...until we actually started dating. Then I got ignored entirely. He makes a GREAT friend, and the sexual tension is INTENSE, but he has a terrible fear of deep, long-lasting relationships. He's only comfortable working on the surface. But a good guy outside of the relationship.

Taurus I: We met in High School, and it was love at first sight. Too bad he lives in Mississippi, and I live in Atlanta. We stayed in touch, were there for each other while we went through our seperate lives, and decided last year to get back together. FACT: Tauruses cannot do long-distance relationships. We have to be able to touch and connect and see and feel together. SO...we couldn't stay together, because it was like slow torture. But I'll always love him.

Libra I: Libras are idiots. I could say more, but really that was just it. Four months of idiocy. What a ditz. But he was so pretty...

Libra II: See above.

Leo: He was fun, but he ran me ragged after two weeks. It was a hell of a ride, but night after night of running around like crazy people, doing random things, I thought I was going to fall apart.

Taurus II (current): I think Taurus might actually be the only sign that goes perfectly with itself. We need and enjoy the same things, and we give each other exactly what we need in return. I love the stability, committment, care and kindness that is put into the relationship. The ONLY qualm I have is that sometimes it gets a little...mundane? Not too much, but we're both sparky and spunky, but I could see it maybe falling into a rut somewhere along the way...but being aware and present in the relationship keeps that from happening. Love! What a grand thing.</lj cut>

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