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We got an interesting October ahead! [xposted]

Taurus October 2005

Use Caution

Be cautious as the month begins, as Mars turns retrograde. Be ready for choices that will strip your operations or concerns back to the basics. The Sun moves through Libra at the outset, so the focus is on matters of work, health and daily routines. Maintain good communications. Talk problems over. There may be negotiations or beneficial dealings with work. Oct 5th and 22nd are favoured though the latter is charged.

The Solar Eclipse on Oct 3rd may change or reduce your options. A co-worker may go. A health matter may concern you. A work option or situation may end. There's uncertain ground, mid month. Trim the excess. Make the hard decisions. The Lunar Eclipse in Aries on Oct 17th may be tiring or present an unexpected hitch. Others come close or make demands as the Sun moves to Scorpio on Oct 23rd.

New options will emerge from Oct 26th when Jupiter enters Scorpio and your partnership house. A partner may experience elevation in status or go through change, affecting your life together. Opportunity may come through new partners or associates. You may make powerful connections. People with money or status may play a part in your life. Some may flourish in this time because of a partner where others will make an important contact. Wealth, education or travel may be a driving force in relations between you and another person. You may form an association with someone with knowledge, status or power.

Close Communications

On Oct 8th, Mercury moves to Scorpio, ushering in a cycle of communication or discussion with those close to you. Get to the nitty-gritty. Be perceptive. Listen to what others have to say. Look behind what's being said. The third week may bring delay or confusion. Plans may alter. A partner may be confused or troubled by a problem or difficult dealings. Don't push. Play for time. Clarity or understanding comes later. Things will change anyway. Oct 22nd may be testing or erratic. Don't blow a fuse. Be careful of tension in others. You will be drawn to discussions about money or deeper concerns and ideas as the month ends.

It's Intense

Venus the goddess is simmering in fiery Sagittarius from Oct 8th. You may be dealing with intense people, especially women. There may be strong erotic relations. Spending or joint finance may be an issue. There will ups and downs with love or money at the end of the second week. Steady the ship from there. New developments in personal or business life will advance or change your situation. The end of the month brings a new beginning.

Safety First

Warrior Mars is in reverse motion in your sign from Oct 1st. This will be a testing time. You may hit a glitch with plans or activities. You may have to go back over old ground or deal with matters from the past. You may encounter obstacles or frustration. Stay calm. Anger will become explosive if bottled up. There may be difficulty dealing with partners or close associates, especially if males are involved. There may be issues where you or others are stubborn or intractable. Someone will have to give ground. You may be prone to accidents or go through a tricky time with health. Slow down. Don't push to solve problems. Review your action style and make change. Come back to basics with what you value. Avoid starting new projects or activities. Deal with outstanding matters and finish what's begun. Be mindful that this period is important with health and safety. Take preventive action.
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