aaron g (agsaunders) wrote in taurus_people,
aaron g

Astro-patability--90 degree angles

According to this, your worst sign compatability are the two signs that are at a 90 degree angle from your sign.
Example: I'm a Sagittarius. The two worst signs for me are Pisces & Virgo.

But I found something interesting.
My moon is in Taurus.
Moon signs (as well as Venus signs) are what conduct compatability.
What I found:
Worst matches for our signs: ????
See a pattern there? My sign/Her moon sign | My moon sign/Her sign. Hence, I should be looking for a Taurus Woman w/ a Sagittarian moon.

Hmh. Before there are any questions, I must admit that I ganked this from a friend, but I had to chop this out because what she wrote didn't apply to me, personally, and I don't know the answers yet. Sorry.
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