Mindy (minnorose) wrote in taurus_people,

Intro Post.

Hey bulls, it's great to meet you all. I am so glad that I found this community. My husband and I are both Taureans, with 1 daughter being a Scorpio, and the youngest daughter being a Gemini. We thought for sure we were going to have another Taurus, but the baby decided to wait a tad too long and show up on June 1st of this year instead, giving us a Gemini. The future with these two beautiful girls should be interesting to have such clashing signs in the same household. ;) My birthday is May 6th, and my husband's is May 3rd. I really have to say, there's such a great difference in dating another bull. We clash sometimes, but, all-in-all?...We definately click on some deep levels, and I put a lot of faith into the fact that we are both Taureans.

.. but anyway, my name is Mindy, 25, stay at home mother of two kids, a dog, horse, cat and fish. Living in the country in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, and trying to think of creative ways to remain at home without going insane. Peace!
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