aaron g (agsaunders) wrote in taurus_people,
aaron g

Taurus moons and emotions

I'm curious to know about the taurus temprament and the moon signs. I am, by birth, a luna taurus. And from what I gather about it, having a moon in taurus suggests that one's emotions (and some thought too from what I heard) are programmed to a taurus pattern. Having some interest in this, I glanced at the userinfo of this place, and thought to myself:

I can be manipulative, I suppose; I am bossy and greedy. An excellent artist, however, I am not, though subjectively, it would depend on how you define art. I am not prone to substance abuse, and have no tolerance for illegal drug use  nor constant boozing of any kind in my life, albeit I am a smoker a daily caffeine addict. I do need to be understood, but cannot say that I am sensitive or in need of love exactly. Sex, on the other hand, is another story, though they are not to be confused. Lastly, but not at the least, while although I do strongly believe in the leadership principle whereas society as a whole is concerned, I do not consider myself to be neither leader nor follower. I am an individual and not a herd animal, but speaking of bulls, I experienced an upbringing on the ranch and had a father who raised livestock for a living.

Anyone care to share any thoughts on us luna taurus and how we fit or differ from the rest of the Taurus experience?
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