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One of the differences between Luna & Solar Tauruses

Furthermore, I really hate it when assholes accuse me of shit I know or strongly believe that I didn't do, and refuse to put up strong, convincing evidence for it. That's one good way to start up a fight! Put yer goddamn money where your mouth is, dickweed. Only I know what I did and only I know what my overall mental health/medical situation is too. Otherwise, shut the fuck up! My Taurus Moon really doesn't know how to handle that kind of crap very well at all.
There, I caught myself redhanded expressing my Taurus moon at its most vindictive! And I can no longer deny this. However, previously, some have believe this to be the work of my ascendant, and it's really not, though Capricorn can appear standoffish as well! Yet, they didn't exactly pay any mind to my moon though.

What do y'all Tauruses think about that one? Does that sound like a Taurus or what? I do know that one of the key elements of having a Taurus moon are defensive reactions when challenged. I don't really know if regular, solar Tauruses have been known to act this way or not. About all I really know about solar Tauruses is that they like a lot of money & possessions and shit. Some sources have cited that they are not always book-smart, but they are at least street-wise. Beyond that, would anyone care to enlighten me on what the differences between me (a luna) and a solar Taurus are if any?

PS: The above is an excerpt from my own journal about something that pissed me off this morning.
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