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Darkside Zodiac

There's a book called Darkside Zodiac and it tells you the "negative" aspects of every zodiac sign.

I posted the excerpt on Taurus behind the cut, let me know what you think


A stubborn, sybaritic, rut-bound bully, fueled by dull resentment and an insatiable love of money. A taurus is a hidebound, reactionary Ubermaterialist, superglued into a rut several feet deep. You are obstinate and an opinionated authoritarian. What you really like is stuff: in your mouth, on your plate, in your bank, in your bed, in the bag. You stubbornly refuse to accept the folk wisdom that tells us we can't always get what we want. And when you've got stuff, you hold on to it with a grip that it would be laughable to describe as viselike. Possessive seems too weak a word. And the evil spawn of possessiveness is murderous jealousy and resentment. You are possessive, jealous and resentful of the people in your life too. You timetable their every hour and always want to know where they are.

Your pig-headed obstinancy, obdurate opinions, and refusal to change are a result of a lack of imagination. Your little bully brain can't compute more than two variables at once, so when faced with something complex or unusual, you go rigid and do what you have always done. Often that is nothing, so you tend to get buried alive by avalanches you refuse to notice. What softens your tough hide is your self-indulgent hedonism. Your favorite deadly sin is greed.

Taureans don't get much hassle; standing still, looking solid, usually does it for you. You can only be prodded into action if your food or money supply is threatened.

In bed, once you've learned how to make the earth move, you just keep on singing the same old song. It gives a whole new meaning to the word "rutting." Lovers have suffocated from boredom in your bed. You resent any attempt to bring a little novelty or spontaneity into the routine. Show you a Kama Sutra and you'd try to eat it. When you've got someone, you hang on to them. Even if your lover tries all 50 ways to leave, you still follow them around bellowing piteously. This is called stalking.

You usually stand alone. You have friends, but they are the those whom you meet in the same place, the same time, on the same day of every month. Everybody always does what you want to do; you think this is because they agree with your choice. In fact they are being pragmatic; they just know your olympic obduracy. In marriage, you make it very clear that it's going to be your way or nothing.

In work, you have always steered clear of anything marked vocation or social conscience, because the only thing you care about is the paycheck. This means you will do more or less anything, as long as you don't have to respond to emergencies or get too sweaty. Colleagues soon learn not to walk on your patch of carpet, never to rearrange the ornaments on your desk, and never ever to use your special mug. They also learn not to ask you for a decision unless they have a month hidden in the job schedule.

On vacations, you tend to go to the same places you've always went. You are addicted to guided tours.
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